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How To Use Linkedin Sales Navigator To Find New Prospects

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Are you having trouble identifying new leads, or drive more sales? Are you looking for faster and more efficient way to find new prospects? 

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator helps you find and keep in touch with the right prospects at the right time by giving you lead recommendations that are tailored to you and eventually will help you grow your sales pipeline.

In this article we will show you:
  • How to get started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator by creating a trial account.
  • How to use Linkedin Sales Navigator to find new prospects and leads. 


So What is Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Designed and built with sales professionals in mind, LinkedIn Sales Navigator harnesses the power of LinkedIn, combined with unique sales features, to take selling to a whole new level. This sales intelligence tool will give you the below benefits:
  • Find and target prospects more quickly.
  • Improve prospecting to qualify leads more effectively.
  • Get real-time updates and alerts on leads and prospects.
  • Shorten sales cycle with recommendations on decision makers.

LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial of Sales Navigator so you can test it out to see if it works for your business. 

Here's below the steps you need to follow in order to get started with Linkedin Sales Navigator

Step 1: Create Your Free Trial Account

To get stated, go to the Sales Navigator product page and click the Start Your Free Trial button in the slider image to sign up for the 30-day free trial. 


Next you will need to choose your billing cycle (monthly or yearly), put your credit information. Once you are done review your order and click on the "Start Your Free Trial" button.


Next you will proceed with the Sales Navigator initial setup, this setup can be changed later at any time. 

First we will start by importing your existing leads from your Linkedin network, then you will have the option to integrate your account with your SalesForce CRM. 

Then you will add your sales territory, for example i will add Lebanon as the region that i want to look in for new prospects.


Next choose which industries your will sell to, you need to narrow your filters as much as possible. So for example let's add industries such as facilities services, financial services, insurance and information services. 


Finally you will specify the job functions of your potential leads and decision makers 


That's it once you click on the continue button your account will be created and you will be ready to start searching for new prospects and clients


Step 2: Search For New Leads

To get started we will walk through an example, let's say you are looking for people who are owners in Lebanon country with company size between 50 and 200 employees. we will use the lead builder advanced search to find the best prospects, this powerfull advanced search will let you search by keyword, company, location, title and other advanced search filters such as function, seniority, company size and industry.


Step 3: Save Your Leads

Based on our search criteria, we will find multiple solid prospects that meets our criteria search. Now let's save one of the results as a lead, note that your saved lead list is private and they won't know that you saved them.


Step 4: Follow Updates of Your Prospect

Now that we saved him as lead we will get updates about him on your sales navigator home page. You will know when he post an update, change his job or started a group discussion.

If you find that his company look interesting and you find other leads from that company. The lead's company account page shows you company updates, job changes, news mentions and other leads that you can reach to. Lead recommedations are people similar to your search leads or match the sales preferences in your settings.



Step 4: Connect To Your Lead At the Right Time

Now back to our saved leads, let's say you were keeping up on his activities and you decide that this is the correct time to reach out. Just go to his profile to see who you know in common and ask someone you know to introduce you or you can reach out directly to him using your inMail credits. When you do you can personalize the email based on the insight you discover using sales navigator.




Now you know how to find the right prospects, generate more leads,  stay up to date on changes and reach out at the right time. For more tips and information about Linkedin Sales Navigator, go to their Learning center page where you will able additional help like how to do advanced searches or what to say when you reach out to a new prospects or lead. 


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